- Monday, March 16, 2015

Notes from an Intern: Rain, Rain, You Can…Stay!

From intern Brittany:

When planning your perfect day, you take into account the flowers, the dress, venue, menu, entertainment and so on… but what about the rain? Usually if it arrives it is an unwelcomed and stressful guest, am I right? But it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of ways you can factor it into your dream wedding plans in which you can keep your smile on and keep it all night long!

The first and most likely tip: Fashionable Rain Accessories. It’ll definitely be easier to put some extra pep in your step if you and your guest have what they need to not be fazed by the rain. Accessories like personalized umbrellas either with your initials, date of your wedding or matching colors used in your wedding will both tie in your rainy day accessories to your special day and look great (especially in photos!) 

Second, is all about your hair. Who hates it when the humidity attacks your hair? I know I do. Picking a hairstyle to help keep that under control and prevent the rain from ruining your do, try a beautiful messy bun or a relaxed flower crown. This way you can look great no matter what kind of weather!

Third tip is photography.  Talk to your photographers. Get the info you need. Ask questions like, Have they shot weddings in the rain before? If so, how do they make it creative, fun and unique? What is there plan both financially and logistically in case of declining weather? Even if your wedding is in an indoor venue, it’s good to have answers to these questions because more times than not, some photos will be taken outside or guests will like to walk the grounds. 

Fourth, have a plan B.  By having a back up plan, whether that may be picking a venue with both indoor and outdoor space or by having a tent rental on hold, can clear any lingering fears if the rain decides to show up for your wedding day. Along with the rain sometimes comes the drop in temperature. No need to fear, ask your vendors if they have access to portable heaters and tent walls. 

Your Fifth tip is scheduling. Have a flexible timeline.  If your day arrives and it looks like rain is imitate consider altering your schedule. Try extending the cocktail hour or maybe go straight from vows to reception. By having some extra wiggle room to make some little adjustments you can keep everyone happy, dry and partying the night away!

One last piece of advice for those brides that share their vows in the rain, no one will forget it. I mean, literally it may be unforgettable and the epitome of romantic! 

So if there is suppose to be rain on your wedding day, don’t stress it. Form a plan and stick to it. Once you commit, know how you’ll make the rain a friend instead of a foe, and take precautions you just might be singing dancing… or getting married in the rain. Also… don’t forget, rain is good luck. It brings fertility, cleansing, unity and renewal. All great gifts to bring into your marriage! 

Photo: Dixie Pixel Photography

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