- Monday, March 2, 2015

Notes from an Intern: LIC/Astoria Industry Mixer at Mundo

Our intern Brittany is, well, a ball of fire. Her energy is infectious, and her enthusiasm for the industry is well appreciated. Here's her recap of the most recent LIC/Astoria Industry Mixer we hosted:

The Astoria/LIC Events Industry Get Together at the Paper Factory Hotel’s restaurant Mundo was my first Cloud Nove Events event as their intern. What type of event was this? As Regina Cialone (owner of Cloud Nove Events) said herself, “Astoria/LIC is awesome, and full of talented event pros, so why don’t we get together in our own backyard? Things this won’t involve: over planning, membership dues, meeting fees, weekly speeches, a trendy name. Things this will involve: cool spots in Astoria/LIC, networking, good food and drinks, conversation.” By all accounts she was right. I couldn’t ask for a better first event. 

Location wise the Paper Factory Hotel had such a cool and hip atmosphere. Decorated with touches of vintage and industrial pieces, the main floor had items like a chess set made from nuts, bolts, hammers etc., a red phone booth, old stadium chairs and in the lower event space under the restaurant was an actual printing press. Anyone with an artistic out of the box mindset most definitely has to visit this place. 

Off of the lobby is the hotels restaurant Mundo. All I can say is wow. To the left of the entrance is a ceiling to floor column of books that’s two floors high. Any book lover like myself will flip. I know I did. Any book you can think of is most likely in there. At my quick glance, I saw neighboring books like a school science book and a Steven King novel. The Menu, both food and drink… one word amazing. It’s fresh, innovative, delicious; I had a drink called Zen, a gin cocktail containing Lemongrass, wasabi salt and yuzu juice, I’d definitely get it again. 

Getting to meet some of the people who both work for and work with Cloud Nove Events was a real special experience. I, for the first time, got a glimpse of the company being a breathing thing, made up of creative minds- making connections, bonds and contacts and because of those bonds when need be, can all work together to create a beautiful event; and that is something I definitely want to be apart of. Not just a singular mind working to help create someone’s dream wedding or to make someone’s special event come true, but being apart of a unit working together with other creative minds to combine and mesh different thoughts and ideas to create this amazing vision. To, after time, not just develop working relationships, but friends. Something that Regina of Cloud Nove Events has accomplished and some day wish to do myself. 

This Networking event will be the first of many events I get to experience with Cloud Nove Events and I can not wait to learn and absorb whatever the company, Regina and/or the employee’s of CNE has to teach and show me!

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