- Monday, March 23, 2015

Notes from an Intern: Five Upcoming Trends for 2015

From intern Brittany:

Whether it’s clothing, accessories, décor, makeup and so on, every year sparks new trends. The same goes for all things wedding. For this year, five trends that I’m keeping an eye out for are…. Drumroll, Please…

Location, Location, Location.
It’s all about the unsuspected. Maybe it’s a ranch, museum, restaurant, aquarium, private estate or even caves (yes, I said caves.) Spaces like these bring an air of uniqueness, perfect for those untraditional brides or those who want to try something new. The best part of choosing an out of the box venue is you don’t have to go over board on the décor, you can let the location do all the talking!

Photo by www.hansfahden.com
Bring on the Tech.
With it now being "the digital age" of course it’s going to seep into the wedding world. Photographers and videographers are jumping onto the bandwagon of the selfie nation phenomenon. Brides can now get aerial shots of their big day by way of drones. GoPro’s and Selfie-Sticks are also available in order to get those super cool, creative and candid shots of you bridal party and guest partying the night away.

Photo by http://aerial-pro-media.co.uk

Dress? No! Dresses.
First it was all about finding the dress. Then, some of us started to want a costume change to transition from ceremony to reception, maybe something that was a little sleeker or a little more fun. Now, it’s all about the after party dress that brings on the flair. Brides now are all about introducing a third look into their wedding day wardrobes. 

Who’s Bringing White-Glove Back?
Casual weddings have been the reigning champs for the last five plus years, so it’s really awesome to see the formal weddings climbing back up the ranks. Brides can have just a few formal touches like a multitier cake or champagne towers or go all out with a grand entrance, hand delivered invites and valets to escort your guests to their seats at the reception. Either way it’ll have touches of elegance that your guests will adore. 

Photo by http://www.mph.ie

Just a Little Taste.
Weddings have drinks. Weddings have food stations, and weddings ooze the couple’s personality, but… can your wedding have all three tied into one? Answer Yes! A great way to do this is with drink stations. Give your guests a little taste and leave them thirsting for more. Have your guests sample drinks that are representative to you and your hubby or are just drinks that you both love the most.  Will your drink station have flights of beer or wine? Shots whiskey, bourbon or vodka? Maybe red and white sangria or how about some fruity lemonades or ice teas? 

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