- Monday, May 12, 2014

Post Wedding Excitement!

From intern Amy: 
This week, my husband and I have been quite busy preparing to move to our new apartment in just a few days. We’ve been scrambling to get everything in order (i.e. cable, internet, etc.) and do some last minute packing. However, this move is much more exciting for us than when we went into our first apartment, because this time we get to buy our own furniture! Our first apartment had come already furnished, which was incredibly convenient but made us miss out on the chance to really make the place our own. This time, we’ve been having all sorts of fun scouring around for cool things and trying to mix and match items to design our new place the way we want. This post really isn’t about weddings but more about post-wedding excitement. The fun doesn’t have to stop once the big day is over; it’s really only the beginning! So I’ll share with you a few things we ended up buying:

This is the table we finally settled on from West Elm. It’s called the Terra dining set, and it was one of my favorites because of how thick the wood was. I was also looking for tables with benches, and this came with one that I really liked. In addition to the bench we got four other chairs – two white leather and two wooden chairs with beige mesh (similar to the ones pictured). There were so many other tables I liked (furniture stores are seriously my new best friends), but this one fit more comfortably within our budget. I cannot wait to start using it!

This is the Asher Bed from Crate & Barrel. For our new bed, I wanted to go with a platform. I love how low it sits and how the edges of the bed jut out wider than the mattress. It makes it all feel so Zen.

Since we wanted to spend a little more on the important pieces of furniture, we decided to cut back on the accent pieces and shop more within our price range. We found this coffee table on Overstock and fell in love with it. It’s exactly the feel that we’re going for in the size that we want. The glass tabletop makes it not overpowering but completely complimentary. It got great reviews online, so I’m excited to receive it.

If there’s any tip I can offer from all this recent furniture shopping I’ve been doing, it would be to measure, measure, measure. Try not to eyeball it, but carry a tape measurer with you whenever you shop. We’re actually waiting to buy a few pieces, such as nightstands and an entryway bench until we move in so we can see what sizes we need. Other than that, have fun and let your style shine!

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