- Thursday, May 8, 2014

Notes from the Interns: Two takes on the same affair

From intern Amy: 

This past Saturday was pretty exciting as I got to work my first wedding with Regina and the team. I could hardly sleep the night before due to my mix of nerves and excitement, but when the time came for me to finally get out of bed, I saw that I had woken up to a perfect morning. After getting ready and making sure I had everything I needed I headed off to the bride’s house where all the ladies were getting ready.

Once I arrived, most of the bridesmaids were already dressed and looked gorgeous in their hair and makeup. The bride looked even more stunning as her hair was in its final stages and makeup was complete. As we waited for the bride to finish getting ready and for the limo to arrive, Shekinah taught me how to pin a boutonniere (I finally know!) and put on corsages (also how to tighten them in case they are loose).

After about an hour or so, the bride was all done up and looked stunning in her gown. The bridal party took some photos around the house, and when the limo arrived we were off to the ceremony location. The ceremony was a traditional Catholic mass and took place in a beautiful church. While we waited for the ceremony to end, we took care of a few more details to prepare for the next steps on the agenda. One of which was to create a corsage from leftover boutonnieres after a slight floral mix-up. However, this was just a small feat for Patrick to overcome, as he had a brand new corsage whipped together in minutes. So if you need a makeshift corsage last minute at your wedding have no fear – we’ve got you covered.

Once the ceremony ended, the bride and groom took more photos with family and such, and then we headed over to Larkfield Manor for the reception. The place was beautiful, and the food smelled divine. Most of all everyone just seemed ready to kick back and have a good time. After some more photos, everyone finally went to cocktail hour to get the real party started. Everyone feasted and then got ready to head into the reception room. Once the whole bridal party and bride and groom were in, the rest of the night was history.

If there were just two lessons I could take away from Saturday’s event, they would be this: prep an emergency kit for any impending disasters and stick to the agenda. Regina was so ready to encounter any kind of mishap that any forthcoming disasters did not even have the chance to see the light of day. She had a whole bag and kit filled with wipes, sprays, pins, mints, and tapes of all sorts. Thus, it was comforting to know that even if a jewel popped off or a corsage drooped down Regina’s kit would help make the problem go away in just minutes. In terms of the agenda, I realized just how important it was to stick to the pre-determined schedule as closely as possible. It’s important to depart and arrive at the right time, allot enough time for photos, avoid paying vendors overtime, and just make sure everything goes according to plan.

Overall, I had a great time and gained a lot of invaluable experiences that I could only get from being on the job. I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up even more lessons my next time around!

From intern Jess: 
Big in every sense of the word, over the top flowers dripping with crystals, massive amounts of food and a big family to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people.
My day started off at the ceremony location, a large church with amazing stained glass windows and the longest aisle ever! Patryk put the pew bows on while I kept an eye out for the limo and passed out programs. The gentlemen arrived and were immediately ushered inside to prepare to lineup. The bride arrived minutes later and we were ready to go.
The fashion for this wedding could best be described as princess pink. Bridesmaids were decked out in a pink one shoulder chiffon gown with a crystal belt and crystal broach at the shoulder. The gentlemen looked smashing in traditional black tuxedos and Adidas shell toe sneakers. The bride was a vision in a full ball gown with a blinged out top and broached pickup.
The ceremony was a full mass. This was the first time I had been involved in a ceremony like this. It included a memorial and unity candle, communion and traditional vows. As the new Mr. and Mrs. were announced the guests erupted into cheers and applause. After photos on the church lawn the bridal party loaded up onto a party bus and headed to the reception site.
Cocktail hour was overflowing with food. There was food for every palette with a mashed potato bar, meat carving station, cheeses, sushi and even mini burgers. The venue sliced fresh prosciutto while you waited and enjoyed the bride and groom’s signature cocktail.
Guests were invited into the ballroom to continue the festivities. The room was lit in hot pink up-lighting. Tables were adorned with white tablecloths, custom menus and one of two pink centerpieces. Unfortunately this is where my night ended, but we all know how this story ends, happily ever after. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Carbone!

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