- Monday, May 5, 2014

Amy's Inspired: Dreamcatchers

From intern Amy:

My inspiration this week is based on a post I came across while reading one of my favorite wedding blogs, Hello May (based in Australia). The outlet and event styling team, Always Bespoke Events (also based in Australia), joined together to create a one-of-a-kind styled wedding shoot unlike anything I’ve ever seen before or have yet to see.  The theme was very simple, yet with everything pulled together it was complete magic.

The subject of the shoot was a dream catcher, a unique item to center a wedding around but one that totally worked. The vision they had was for an outdoor wedding featuring a rustic farm table made of reclaimed wood and simple all white chairs with white cushions. Two sets of green and white florals – comprised of ranunculus, hydrangeas, garden roses, and the like – were laid delicately across the table. In the center of the table stood a single three-tiered, acrylic cupcake stand filled with lovely pastel pink and white cupcakes. The table sat six and each had two plates, a napkin, and menu placed in front, along with a clear glass filled with some sort of lemonade concoction. Behind the chairs was a small paper dream catcher with two feathers hanging from the bottom used as nametags for the guests.

Finally, above it all was a gorgeous, hand-crated dream catcher chandelier intertwined with white bistro lights. The arrangement was attached to a lush bed of green flora, which itself was hanging from a tree branch above. All of this came together to create this spectacle of a wedding that I would definitely use for my own big day if I could go back in time.

If you are at all inspired and want to incorporate dream catchers into your wedding or even have as decoration around the house, Hello May featured a post on DIY dream catchers easy enough to make at home: http://hellomay.com.au/article/diy-dream-catcher-wedding-decorations/

So gather your supplies and get threading! As always, happy planning.

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