- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Amy's Inspired: Black and White

From intern Amy:

Everyone knows that black and white are the symbols for chic. Each year, everyone tries to find what “the new black” is, but the truth is that black will always reign. Choosing black and white as wedding colors is truly a bold move. Since both colors are so highly contrasted, it’s easy for an affair to quickly turn from classy to gaudy, as you might be trying to add too many additional details.

 Thus, I’ve collected some inspirations from around the web to help you design a black and white affair that’s as chic as can be. When planning for this type of wedding, you want to remember that mixing these two colors is already a strong statement. Therefore, you don’t want to add too many more details that will be equally as bold, which can eventually make the wedding look cheap. You want to keep it clean and simple, and then add those additional hints of color here and there through the flowers or dishware.

Since black itself is a strong color I like to avoid mixing it with other statement colors, such as deep red, purple, or even mint. You don’t want these other colors to steal the thunder from your theme. Rather, try to infuse lighter, airier colors like blush pinks, light greens, or neutrals to really let the black and white stand out on their own.

To give you some other ideas on how to style your black and white wedding, I found three weddings online that I absolutely love that might be able to help. Check them out via the links below, and post any questions you may have in the comments section! Happy planning.

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