- Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Change Or Keep Your Name, That Is The Question

From intern Jessica:

The decision to keep your birth name (maiden name) is entirely up to you. Remember that scene from The Wedding Singer where Drew Barrymore’s character tries out her soon to be new last name, Julia Gulia? Sometimes our name may not sound amazing when paired with our new surname, yet we can’t help who we fall in love with. There are a multitude of reasons why women choose to change or keep their name. Some women decide to keep their maiden name if the new surname is popular. Other women worry for professional reasons and some feel they will lose their identity if they take on their spouse’s surname.

Should you make the big decision to change your name there is a lot of paperwork ahead of you. A few key things that will need changing will be your license, social security card, credit cards, bank information and passport. Remember when booking your honeymoon travel to book in your maiden name! Check out MissNowMrs.com for tips, paperwork and guidance for a smooth name transition.

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