- Monday, April 28, 2014

Thanks Mom & Dad, from Jess

From intern Jess:

A parent is defined as a caretaker, but we all know they are more than that. Biological or not, parents are cheerleaders and coaches, educators, doctors to our every boo boo, therapists, champion of scaring monsters away, shopping buddy, chauffeur, exterminator to all the bathroom spiders, stylist…the list is never ending. It is natural to want to include them in your wedding day and here are some ways to involve those who molded you into the person you are today.

Photo Credit: Robert Francoeur

Unity Ceremony – Show a merging of two families through your marriage. Candles or sand ceremonies are a great way to signify unity between the families.

Gift Ceremony – Offer a symbol of love to your parents by taking time in your ceremony to present them with a few kind words, a gift and a kiss.

Reading/Blessing – Have your parents give some words of advice or read some meaningful piece of literature. This can be done during the ceremony or reception toasts.

Anniversary Dance – Play your parents wedding songs and give them spotlight dances

Cake Replica – Involve your parents in the cake cutting by having miniature replicas of their wedding cakes made.

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