- Saturday, April 19, 2014

Real Weddings

From intern Amy:
This weekend was my dear friend Gloria Lim’s wedding. You may remember her from a previous post I did on “How To Throw A Bridal Shower.” I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids and be alongside her throughout this journey for her big day.

On Saturday, we started getting ready around 8:30 am. Just before then, we did a quick Starbucks run to pick up some drinks for the bridal party. When we told them we were getting them for a bridal party they ended up giving us 50 percent off our entire order! They don’t typically do that, but the Starbucks employees in Pennsylvania were being incredibly kind that morning and just did it for us as a surprise. If you’re a bridesmaid or maid of honor getting some coffee for everyone before you go, it never hurts to ask! Thanks, Starbucks!

When we arrived at the park, Walton, the groom, was blindfolded and patiently waited to see his blushing bride. They shared their special moment at the one of the most picturesque of places – in front of a tall barn with red doors. I could already feel myself fighting back tears. When he finally looked at her, I could see how happy they both were and how much they were cherishing the moment. Soon after, they took some portraits together with a big yellow balloon as one of their props, and they looked as gorgeous as ever. The bridal party just waited around and took some photos and selfies.

Following the portraits, as well as some bridal party shots, we headed over to the church where the couple would first partake in a Korean traditional wedding ceremony called “Paebaek.” Following this, we had a little bit of downtime to grab a bite to eat that the groomsmen kindly brought. And before we knew it, it was ceremony time. As all our hearts fluttered, we said a prayer for the bride and lined up outside the doors. The music started and everyone entered in one by one. When Gloria walked in with her dad, there was not a dry eye in the sanctuary. Not before long, Gloria and Walton were at last pronounced man and wife!

After a Korean dinner reception in the church, invite-only guests headed over to the dessert reception held in a tent at the beautiful Graeme Park. The rest of the night contained touching and hilarious speeches, an exciting father-daughter dance to “Happy” by Pharrell, drinks, desserts, and a hot dance floor. As the wedding came to an end, I could not believe the day we had all be waiting for was over and my friend was finally married! It was all so surreal, but I was so blessed and privileged to be a part of it all. I truly wish my friend and her hubby a lifetime of love and joy in their new journey ahead. I know it will be a beautiful and fruitful marriage.

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