- Friday, April 11, 2014

Notes from the Interns: Client Meetings

From intern Amy:

This week, I was fortunate enough to sit in on my first client meeting with Regina. The couple was more than lovely, and I am thrilled to be working on this wedding to help make their big day as spectacular as ever (and so far it's headed in that direction!). The appointment was mostly about decor and a few logistical items, so we were able to get a sense of what the bride did and did not like. As we talked through the details I felt myself getting extremely excited, as so many of the aesthetics she described matched with what I personally love. With the planning still underway, I feel privileged to be learning from and working with such a seasoned planner like Regina.

Soon we will also be working on a styled wedding shoot together, so my next post will be sure to feature that new experience. Until then, stay inspired!

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