- Friday, April 25, 2014

Notes from an Intern: A Styled Shoot

From intern Amy:
I am a week delayed, but as promised here is my post on the styled photo shoot I did with Regina from two weeks ago!

It was the perfect Saturday morning as we started off our first bride with hair and makeup. She looked so beautiful, and you could tell how excited the couple was to get into their outfits again and have their photos taken. The couple actually did not have a photographer at their wedding, so this was the perfect opportunity for them to finally get the pictures they never had! After the photographer snapped all the getting ready and jewelry photos he needed, we headed off to our first location: Astoria Park. It was my first time at the park, and it definitely was the perfect location for a wedding shoot. Regina’s assistants, Patryk and Shekinah, were already there setting up the table for the shoot. I helped out with whatever else they needed, and not before long the couple found themselves seated, looking ever so dashing in front of the camera.

After we got all the shots we needed, we headed back to the studio and found our second bride already getting ready for the next shoot. We said goodbye to our first couple and hurried to prep for the next. The second couple looked as cute as ever. The bride had a more eclectic high-low dress with a giant tulle skirt, glittery strapless top, and red ruby shoes that matched a Wizard of Oz theme. The groom wore a gray suit with Converse sneakers. When they were all set, we headed over to Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows. The gorgeous day made the globe look as majestic as ever, and light flooded through the giant windows inside Queens Theatre. The photographer took shots of the couple both outdoors and indoors, getting snaps of them sitting, standing, and even dancing.

The end of this shoot wrapped up the day, as well as my first experience on the set of a styled shoot. I saw just how many details went into the planning of this event and how on top of it Regina was throughout the whole process. It was definitely a great learning experience, and I hope to use what I gathered to coordinate and design my own styled shoot one day.

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