- Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Notes from an Intern: Jess

From intern Jess:

Although I believe I am one tough cookie, my darling husband tells me I am as romantic and sappy as they come. I cry at sweet commercials, while watching brides say yes to the dress and at pretty much every romantic comedy. Is there such thing as wedding obsession? I find myself constantly wishing the day would start all over again, that I could go back to that moment where I said "I do". These days I am lucky enough to live vicariously through other brides. 

As I come from a family with lots of cousins and being that we are all around the same age, the wedding merry-go-round has begun. Just this year two of my cousins are getting married. I am excited to attend my cousin Joshua's nuptials on April 5th. Be sure that this blogger will be living up the moment and will report back on how lovely it was.  

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