- Monday, April 7, 2014

Amy's Inspired: Florals

From intern Amy:

My favorite print of all time is Floral Print. There's just no going around it. I love the way you can combine different colors on a dress to create something so spectacular and romantic. To me, floral print is everything in one pretty package: feminine, romantic, ethereal, rustic, bohemian, vintage, and fashion forward. You can incorporate this print a number of different ways into your decor, whether it's on your cake, invites, bridesmaid’s dresses, or even wedding dress. If you are so bold as to go with a floral print wedding gown or bridesmaid’s dresses, here are some designers you can refer to who have gorgeous dresses that are not too over-the-top but rather perfectly modern and chic.

Claire Pettibone

Jennifer Gifford

Ted Baker

Donna Morgan


Sometimes you don't even have to look too far into designer brands. Snoop around to see what Zara, Anthropologie, Modcloth, Etsy, Urban Outfitters, or even H&M have in stock around the season you're getting married for more affordable options.

Happy planning!

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