- Friday, March 21, 2014

Notes from the interns: Proposals

From intern Jess

Part of my role as intern is to be aware of current, newsworthy events in the wedding world. As I keep up with the trending engagement stories and view the most watched Youtube videos, I sometimes wonder what is happening to traditional proposals?!? Whatever happened to getting down on one knee, professing one’s true feelings then asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you? These days it seems like the award for the most creative proposal is something people are seriously vying for.  FiancĂ©’s are singing it, spelling it out, creating videos and flash mobs to win their intended’s heart and hear the coveted word “YES!”.

On the flip side, I am a sap for the romanticism and creativity behind each proposal. I love how every proposal is uniquely catered towards the intended’s personality. I presume people are going all out for their betrothed, as this is a moment that will leave a lasting imprint on their mind. Hats off to all the creativity, you fill my days with endless entertainment.

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