- Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jess' Inspired: Registries

From intern Jess:

One of the best ways to involve your groom in the wedding planning process is with the registry. Hand the guy a scanner gun and set off to register for things you need and or wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself.

Already been living together? Don’t really need much? Own a home? These days you can register for pretty much anything! Check out these three alternative registry sites.

1.    Home Registry: http://www.hatchmyhouse.com/
Love this site! You can build an interactive dream home and guests can literally “buy” everything, from the roof to house plants! The site connects directly to your PayPal account, but keep in mind there is a 5.9% transaction fee. Luckily this site gives you the option to pay the fees yourself, have your guests pay the fees or give your guests the option to pay or not to pay. My recommendation…let your guests pay, it feels like sales tax when they check out.

2.    Honeymoon Registry: http://www.honeyfund.com/
Here you can set up a registry for the honeymoon of your dreams. This registry differs from others as it can link traditional registries to your Honeyfund account and you can even register for things not honeymoon related. On this site you can track your gifts and send thank you notes. Honeyfund offers flexible payment options where guests can send cash/check directly to you for free or use their credit card via PayPal for a small fee of 2.8% + $.30/transaction.

3.  Anything & Everything: http://www.myregistry.com
This site allows you to scan barcodes right from your iPhone or Android! See something you like in Macy's?..scan it. Love that table from Crate and Barrel?...scan it. Would rather cash?...you can do that too! Myregistry.com is a site that allows for guests to have a one-stop shopping experience.  

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