- Friday, March 28, 2014

Jess' Highlights from the David Tutera Webinar

From intern Jess:
Today I was privileged enough to partake in David Tutera’s first ever webinar! Over the course of an hour David offered do’s and don’ts for various parts of the planning process. I also learned that “dreaming is the most important thing you can do.”

David stated that; “95% of the time is planning the wedding and 5% is the actual wedding, but you should enjoy 100% of the experience,” he couldn’t be more right! As the period of engagement has lessened over the years, brides have less time to plan their perfect day. In order to reduce stress David offers these 5 tips as a starting point to your planning process.

  1. Set a realistic budget.
  2. Know which silhouette is right for your body.
  3. Take advice from a limited number of people in your life, 3 is good.
  4. Let your wedding reflect your personality.
  5. Hire a planner.
The best way to save on the budget is to reduce the guest count. “30% of the overall budget should go towards food and beverage,” says Tutera. By reducing your guest count you then decrease the food and beverage bill. Also think about the overall look you want to achieve on your big day. Try not to get too excited once you say “I do” and purchase goods until you have a clear vision of your wedding day, some of the goods may not be useful later on.

Understand what kind of bride you are, this is so important. Recognizing whether you are a “classic-traditional, modern-sophisticate, bohemian or whimsical bride” will help you cohesively pull together your bridal day look. This all starts with the choosing of a dress. David says, “Choosing the right dress is a defining moment and it is important for you to understand your body type and which silhouette looks best.”

While he touched upon beauty, traditions, bridal party and groom attire, one of the best topics he discussed was the personalization of your wedding. What guests will remember most are the tiny details that tell the story of your love. David recommends that couples incorporate things throughout their day through, but not limited to, music, food and favors.

The most important thing that David spoke about is not to try and do all the work by your-self; hire a planner. Professionals are able to assist in sticky situations with family members and coordinate with other vendors to leave you stress free on your big day. Remember not to forget what the day is all about, if at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then the day was a success.

Should you wish to learn more about how to be a wedding planner or how to save money on your wedding day, check out the Cloud Nove event series!


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