- Monday, March 17, 2014

Intern Amy's Tips on How to be a Good bridesmaid

From intern Amy
How to be a good bridesmaid

1. Encourage and support the bride. No matter how stressed out you feel as a bridesmaid or MOH from planning the shower and bachelorette and adding up costs, remember that this is one of your closest friends or family members and you were chosen for just that reason. If you are going through any levels of stress, imagine just how much more stress the bride is feeling about expenses, planning, and just entering into a whole new life. So make sure listen to her frustrations throughout this process and provide her with words of encouragement and support, and just be there as a friend. Sending a monthly encouraging quote might be a great way to start that the bride will definitely appreciate.

2. Do not complain. As the planning takes place and decisions are made, there may be plenty of things you are unhappy with from the bridesmaid dress to the finances. When it comes to the bridesmaid dress, you can share what you might feel more comfortable in, but in the end just wear what is given to you and do not utter a single word about it. Just be thankful you only have to wear it for one day. When it comes to finances, be upfront with your bride about any limitations you might have. It is better to set her expectations in advance rather than throw a curveball later when planning is well underway.

3. Help with the planning. There may be times where the bride asks you to research some vendors or get together with the other maids to do some DIY projects. In all these instances, try to be as helpful and available as possible. Of course, there are some times where other priorities might get in the way where you can't make it out to every wedding-favor-making party; but try to weight the importance of your conflict with the equally important planning process with one of your closest friends for her biggest day. Do what you can to make it out or help as much as you can. These are once in a lifetime opportunities for you to bond as friends in ways you never have before.

4. Get ready together. Getting ready together can be such a blast. These precious hours spent together just moments before the bride walks down the aisle help cultivate the perfect environment for both rich conversation and pure silliness. Help the bride get into her dress and keep her calm as she processes everything that's happening. Make sure you're keeping track of all your responsibilities for the day, whether it's directing the vendors or carrying all the bride's necessities from place to place. The bride's nerves may be raw, so this is the ideal time for you to be encouraging, reassuring and steady-tempered.

5. Have fun. Being a bridesmaid or MOH is such an honor, so take it all in and enjoy being a part of such an important journey for two people's lives. Take the bride out with the other maids before all the planning starts to get closer and get to know each other more. At the end of it all, dance the night away with yournew found friends and let loose together. All your hard work has paid off and you've all earned it :). 

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