- Monday, March 31, 2014

Amy's Inspired: Stripes

From intern Amy:
For those of you who have been following my inspiration boards up until now, you may have caught on that I have an affinity for all things unconventional. I love those little details that give weddings that unique touch to make each affair different from the next in a chic and effortless way. Thus, today’s inspiration board is focused on another one of my favorite trends: stripes. From bridesmaids’ dresses to bouquets, or table linens to even the bridal gown, you can incorporate stripes in numerous different ways without making things tacky but, rather, incredibly tasteful.

This inspiration board shows a few creative ways you can weave in stripes to the d├ęcor of your big day. Several of the photos show ways in which you can use striped table linens, great for nautical or mod-themed weddings. One of those photos show uneven stripes, which could be a great alternative to regular stripes to make it more understated.

A couple photos show bridesmaids in striped dresses, which give the bridal party that extra dimension of color and texture that you can’t get with just solid color dresses. If you don’t want to put all of your bridesmaids in stripes, you can even mix-and-match (as I showed in a previous post) and try putting just one girl in stripes and everyone else in a mix of colors that mesh well as a whole. A couple photos also show pops of stripes in the bouquet ribbons or straws for any drinks you may serve.

Lastly, my favorite items in this inspiration board are the bold, striped wedding dresses, which I feel are just so – for the lack of a better word – cool! The first dress at the top left is by Oscar de la Renta. The bride in the photo paired this dress with some gorgeous white floral print bridesmaid dresses from Zara (I believe). The second dress is a subtler ivory-striped organza dress by Hayley Paige. If you love stripes but don’t want to jump into the trend all the way, this is a great dress to wear that photographs beautifully without being overbearing.

Hope these small tips are able to help you in some way! Happy planning!

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