- Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Amy's Inspired: Hemlock

From intern Amy:

According to Pantone's Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report, one of the hottest colors to look forward to this Spring is Hemlock. This is a light shade of green just slightly darker than the ever-favorite Mint that is sure to show up in weddings all around next season. Whether you want to incorporate it into your favors, invites, cake, or table linens, Hemlock will definitely add that refreshing pop of color to help bring your wedding to life. Mix it with pinks, ivories, or whites - or even other shades of green - to bring depth to your color palette.

Some of the items below, such as decor and invites, can be found on Etsy. The first bridesmaids dress is by Pia Gladys Perey. And the giant flowers can be found on Amazon or Afloral.com. I, personally, am in love with those. Happy planning!

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