- Thursday, March 27, 2014

Amy's Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower

From intern Amy:
 This weekend was an exciting one for me, as I helped host my first ever bridal shower for one of my closest friends. Three other girls and I planned and prepped months in advance to try to throw the best shower we could for our dear friend, Gloria. After all our hard work, everything turned out to be a success (I think)! In lieu of my eventful weekend, I decided to dedicate this post to the topic of “how to plan a bridal shower” to try give everyone some helpful tips and tricks on how to be as organized and prepared as possible before the (mini) big day.

The first order of business is to decide what the theme will be. Whether you keep it simple or extravagant, it is always nice to centralize the shower around one common theme to keep everything cohesive. Will you use the bride’s color scheme? Will you base the theme around any movies or TV shows? Or will you base it off the bride’s favorite things? For example, if she loves flowers, make it a garden party; if she loves cupcakes, incorporate cupcakes into every aspect of the shower (not overdoing it, of course). For my friend’s shower, we decided to go with a garden party/country-rustic theme.

The second thing is to decide what you will serve. For whatever theme you choose, try to base the foods around that theme to make everything flow nicely. For example, if you have a color theme, try to use those colors in dessert frostings or choose foods that naturally have those colors. If you have a brunch theme, serve mini, bite-sized stacks of pancakes on sticks and fun finger sandwiches with orange mimosas on the side. Be aware of any food allergies or restrictions anyone may have, and plan whether you want a buffet style or sit-down meal. 

The third order of business is to select what games (if any) you will play. Even though the shower shouldn’t be all about games, it’s always nice to incorporate one or two activities that help guests get to know the bride and couple better. Plan a few games that fit any theme you’ve designed. If possible, have prizes ready to award to any game winners.   

Once all those aspects of the shower are in place, decide who will be in charge of what. Of course on the day of the shower everyone will try to help out as much as possible for all the preparations. However, delegate who should take on which roles according to what they feel most comfortable with or are best at. Who will mainly be in charge of food? Decorations? Games? Favors? Even though everyone will help each other out on the day of the shower,  delegating tasks makes everything much more organized and much easier for each bridesmaid to handle, especially so one person doesn’t take on more of the load than another. But as you plan out your own delegated task, be sure to communicate your thoughts and ideas with the other bridesmaids so everyone is in the loop and nothing gets misunderstood later on.

I hope these tips and tricks are able to help you out in some way! As you plan just take it one step at a time, work together, and everything will be okay. Happy planning!

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