- Monday, November 4, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week Six

From intern Jess:
This week has been a real learning experience for me. Regina invited me to attend my first detail meeting. I would have to say this meeting is the most important part of the planning process. Regina asked many questions. To many in the planning world the questions may seem rudimentary, but they are extremely helpful to the bride. These questions cover everything from transportation to fashion to menu! It really puts the day in perspective and allows for the team to put together a realistic timeline. After meeting with the bride and hearing her vision I feel so involved. I already feel such a passion to make this bride's day perfect and run smoothly. I can hardly wait!

This week I also attending a networking event for industry professionals. This was not only fun but such a great experience. I loved that it was such a meeting of the minds. People were able to exchange information as well as ideas in a casual setting. I would like to think that I made some life-long friends last night. I will definitely be attending again.

From intern Gina:
This is the second weekend in a row that I did not partake in a wedding with CNE. I am so excited that I will be involved with 2, back to back weddings this upcoming weekend. Even more exciting is that Saturday’s wedding will be Shekinah’s wedding! After speaking with her here and there about the little details and extra things she has thought of, I know it is going to be a wonderful wedding. Working 2 weddings in one weekend will really show my ability and persistence to make our bride and groom’s weddings what they have imagined and entrusted us to do for them. I am looking forward to heading out east to the Martha Clara vineyard. I have never experienced a wedding in that environment before, I’m sure it will be beautiful and the photographers will be able to capture great shots!

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