- Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week 8

From intern Jessica:

While this was my last wedding for my CNE internship, this was my first without Regina. After fighting the traffic from Brooklyn to Midtown I finally made my way to the bride's side! She looked breathtaking in her fitted gown and cathedral length lace veil. We readied for the moment where she would see her groom for the first time. The photographer and I planned to have her descend from the top of the stairs in true princess fashion. The moment between them was tender and emotional. They looked so in love. We proceeded to move the party to the library for some portraits. As we were headed to the limo we caught glimpse of a wooded area, beautifully lit just outside the hotel. After getting some additional shots we loaded up into the limo.
Once we arrived at the venue we instantly whisk the bridal party into their private suite for the Ketubah signing. This had to be my favorite part of the wedding. I have never witnessed a Ketubah signing before, but the Rabbi was so passionate and you could feel the love and support from their family and friends.
Moments later the ceremony started. It was beautiful and heartfelt. Once finished the newlyweds made their way back up the aisle and were escorted to the bridal suite. They indulged in some private time to take in all that had happened as they were now a newlywed couple! During cocktail hour Patryk, Gina and myself were hustling to change over the ceremony space into a reception space. Tables were draped in crisp white linen adorned with red rose centerpieces, petals and candles. Menus and Peruvian chocolate favors were placed at every seat. Peruvian dancers entertained the guests as we finished setting up the tables.
The reception began with the introduction of the bridal party and the Mr & Mrs first dance. Shortly after it was time for the CNE team to bid adieu.
This was another fun wedding to work. I again felt a sense of accomplishment because the CNE team trusted me to ensure the bride was happy and where she need to be at the appointed time. It saddens me that the internship has come to an end but I am sure you will hear from me again somewhere, someday. 

From intern Gina: 
Sunday was my first New York City wedding. It was so different than the weddings that we have done here on the island. It was my first time taking subways to get to different locations throughout Manhattan. My first stop was to pick up all that was needed for their ceremony and reception. After a few trips up the stairs everything was brought in to their wedding location. I met Patryk and a team of workers to help set up for their ceremony. Here we had to split the space into where the ceremony was going on as well as their cocktail hour. Their decor was very elegant but simple. Fresh red roses were placed in abundance. The ceremony was a Jewish ceremony, something I am not used too. It was very nice to see a different religion. 

The Rabbi was great and kept all the guests interested with his humor. Immediately after the ceremony was done, guests were brought to the cocktail hour. This was the time that Jess, Patryk and I quickly flipped the room to be ready for their reception. We made sure the number of tables and chairs were correct for their guests, as well as table numbers, red rose centerpieces and petals that we scattered along the white linen table. Once the bridal party was announced, so were the bride and groom. They did a great choreographed dance. After that the brides father gave them a blessing following the Jewish tradition. Soon after, toasts were made to the new married couple. Once we knew everything was correct and on schedule, we headed out. It was great to see and compare the differences in a wedding in Manhattan and one on Long Island. I cant wait for the next wedding which also is going to be in NYC!


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