- Friday, November 8, 2013

Jessica's Inspired: Boldly Go Where No Bride or Groom Have Gone

From intern Jess:

Yes it is true, I am a closet Trekky. No I didn't sit in the theatre dressed in costume, but I was there opening night and I am obsessed with all things Star Trek. Selfishly I am hoping there is a bride and groom out there just as obsessed so I can help inspire their dream wedding.

Send out custom invitations with the Starfleet insignia and your monogram. Stick with more traditional wording or jazz it up with some fun Star Trek references like "Marriage the Final Frontier." 

Don the latest fashion of star-date 2265 with this Franc Sarabia gown featuring a belted drop waist and high collar with plunging "V" neckline. Bring a splash of color and whimsy to your ensemble with Starfleet Academy heels. 

Outfit your party in these crinkle chiffon with flutter sleeve gowns by Vera Wang in the Starfleet color. Accessorize with flowers of red and gold to complete the look. Personally I would have the groomsmen dress in Starfleet uniform shirts, however if you want to go for a more subtle look have them wear traditional tuxes and incorporate the Starfleet insignia in their boutonniere. Gift them Spock cufflinks to complete their look.    

Say "I Do" among the stars and planets in the Jet Blue Sky Theatre Planetarium. Following the ceremony transport your guests to a distant world with memorable short film, while you and your groom are whisked away for a photo op.  

Host your reception near the lunar landing with round tables decorated in the Starfleet colors of red and gold. Serve out of this world cocktails like Romulan Ale, or the earthly version of equal parts vodka, triple sec, blue curacao and lemonade. Indulge your guests cravings for a Vulcan meal by serving a vegetarian specialty or a Klingon substitute for those who eat meat.

As favors donations in your guests name to the Planetarium would be a suitable gift. Live Long and Prosper. 

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