- Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gina's Inspired: Monograms

From intern Gina:

A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters to form one symbol. To me that represent marriage perfectly, two people coming together to form one strong bond. Monograms can be done on virtually anything! For most brides, your last name is going to change, and so are your initials. Take pride in this new change, place your monogram wherever you like! Start it off within your invitations. A monogram can make your invites look elegant, professional and classy. Visit Wyo Weddings Blog for a bunch of great examples!

Many couples like to add a little something to their wedding ceremony, like a unity candle. Why not customize it by adding your monogram on the candle!? Brides Treasures shows a simple, yet bold way to do so. Typically we see a lot of cake toppers with the monogram just like this dazzling one shown on My Inspired Wedding. If you’re someone who doesn’t want all that bling, but likes the idea of a monogram incorporated in your cake, have your cake decorator, add it right on! Check out A Wedding Cake Blog for great ideas.

Lighting can create and entirely different feel and really set the tone for your wedding, add a monogram to the dance floor for a little extra personalization and fun,Elevated Event Design can create a bunch of different options to fit your wedding’s style the best. Get creative and find other places in your venue to involve your monogram. I found these adorable ideas for the backings of your chairs at Events By Layla and engraved toasting flutes from Etsy. Last, but not least are your favors. You want to thank your guests for spending this special day with you, customize your favor boxes too! Chose from a variety of fonts, colors, shapes and sizes until your find the best fit for you. I found clean and sleek square favor boxes at Favor Ideas.

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