- Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gina's Inspired: Creative Bouquets

From intern Gina:

So, where are my over the top, rebellious, nontraditional brides!? Check out a new and exciting alternative to the floral bridal bouquet. Here are 5 great, fun options to choose from for your wedding day. 

What’s great about feathers and candy bouquets is that no matter what type of theme or color scheme you are looking to do for your wedding, it can be done! Feathers can be colored, shaped and put together with ease to match your taste. Check out Wedding Bee for great ideas on an all feather bouquet. Who doesn’t love candy, why wouldn’t you want to incorporate it on your wedding day? A candy bouquet is so different and creative; it truly shows your sweet side. Off Beat Bride presents a gorgeous bouquet; you wouldn’t even think its chocolate! 

For a bride with a beach or nautical themed wedding, try a bouquet made of seashells. It will look perfect in accordance to the rest of your wedding d├ęcor. Seashells By Mill Hill creates insanely beautiful seashell bouquets to match your style. For a more elegant and simplistic look, try an all lace bouquet, Etsy has tons of inspiration. For those of you who love the look of real flowers, but just want a little extra pop, try a brooch bouquet. So many different combinations can be put together to create a unique bouquet. Rebellious Brides  has a bunch of brooch ideas to make up the perfect bridal bouquet!

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