- Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week Two

From intern Gina:
I received my first email from Regina with the documents for the first wedding I will be working on this upcoming weekend! Regina sent me the timeline of what needs to be executed that day, as well as all the vendors’ information. I love how the timeline is broken down and detailed so I know what needs to be done and when. I liked seeing the different vendors, I think it will help me get to know them a little bit, as well as help them when prepping for the day. I am also very excited that Regina chose to order candles for their centerpieces from one of the websites I researched and sent to her. I very hopeful that my first wedding experience with Cloud Nove will be great and will show me the “behind the scenes” of a wonderful wedding!

From intern Jessica:
Social media plays a major role in marketing for small businesses these days. As we have shifted to a more dehumanized society, many consumers are looking for a non-pressurized setting to gather information and interact with the world. Social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and blogs have proven to bring humanization back to business allowing business owners to connect and interact with an audience. 

Social media has the power to reach a wide and vast audience. With six degrees of separation your ideas and name can spread like wildfire. Someone likes/comments your post then their friend sees the post and their friend and so on...next thing you know David Tutera, or his intern, is tweeting you back. Through social media creativity and inspiration is unleashed. The people's voice is heard through likes and retweets. It provides a platform for conversation and offers a new twist on education. I actually learned to crochet through Youtube!

So in light of bringing humanization back to the world I have been diligently working on posts and tweets for Cloud Nove. Personally I relate more to humorous readings, so I always try to bring something interesting and or funny to my posts. Ideas have been starting and stopping. It is hard to keep just one flowing before I get excited about another. I just don't know where to start! I have a lot cooking in the pot and I hope you like what I'll be dishing out!   

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