- Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week One

From Jessica: 

Day one- Our first meeting! It's just like the first day at a new school, a bit nerve wracking yet exciting. You pick out "the" outfit and arrive early, because everyone knows first impressions are uber important. The people you are about to meet and learn from are the "clique" you want so much to be apart of. How do you earn your way into the group? But alas I am getting ahead of myself, we should start at the beginning. 
The door is opened and I am greeted by a smiling Regina! Shoot what do I do?!? Handshake? Hug? European kiss-kiss? That's it I'm going in for the hug! Gina arrives next and the rest of the CNE team follows behind with SWEETS! Dang there goes my never ending diet! Would be rude to refuse?...I'll just have one! What happens next? The lovely Regina offers Gina and I a glass of wine, I am sure to calm our nerves. Little does she know that is my ultimate chatterbox trigger...this is my Harry Potter truth serum! I am positive this will be the one and only time she offers me wine since I talked their ears off!
After learning what to expect out of the internship Gina and I were treated to a few real life stories. Boy did they really burst my JLo "Wedding Planner" bubble! The movies make it look so magical and easy! Well I learned that the CNE team are like producers! 
On the day of they orchestrate vendors, wedding party and guests. They work as a team to ensure the picture comes together as the bride envisioned. Should there be any hiccups behind the scenes, Regina and her team are there to the rescue! They are dedicated to ensuring the clients happiness on the day of an event. I am so looking forward to getting involved and learning from the talented Cloud Nove Team. Hopefully I will be accepted into the "clique"!

From Gina:
When I got an email from Regina that I have been chosen as an intern I was beyond thrilled! I am so excited begin my internship with this great company. At my orientation I saw the close connection, friendship and team effort between Regina, Shekinah and Patryk. At first I was nervous, but the team made me feel very wanted and comfortable. We spoke about all the details of the company as well as enjoyed delicious desserts! I felt that everyone was open to sharing their experiences and wedding stories with me, good and bad. I am thankful that they did this because it will definitely make me a better intern and future wedding planner. I also met the other intern, Jessica. She was so kind and outgoing. I’m glad that we will be going through this learning experience together, I wish her all the best. After going to my orientation I am ready to go to my first wedding this upcoming weekend. I know that the team working at Cloud Nove Events will show and teach me the way to be successful in the wedding planning industry!

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