- Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week 5

From intern Gina:

Over the past weekend I was not involved in a wedding, but I am excited that I will be helping out with two weddings Friday and Saturday! Over the week I have been looking at our website and learning more and more, each time I visit it. I tried something different with my inspiration board this week as well. Instead of choosing a theme such as a color palate then incorporate every aspect, I decided to take one idea, lace, and I showed different ways a bride can use it in the wedding.

I was excited that I received an email from Regina, inviting me to a couple of events that will help me grow in the wedding industry. I’m looking forward to attending the wedding networking event this upcoming week in New York City with the Cloud Nove team. I think it will help me branch out, meet new people and hear experiences for others that are involved in the wedding planning industry.

From intern Jessica:
Everyone knows an intern’s life is not filled with glitz and glamour.
You may be expected to run for coffee or even know how to use a hammer.
I look for inspiration in everyday life, in magazines, celebrities and people passing by.
I look for colors and smells and everything in between,
so that I may blog for the job of my dreams. 
I wish to bring you laughs and knowledge,
while I finally put to use my degree from college.
I work hard to inspire and bring emotion to you.
I get excited when Regina says, “I love your point of view”.
Wonder what I will do next? You will have to check back,
I’ll give you a hint, it may have to do with Star Trek.

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