- Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jessica's Inspired: Dessert!

From intern Jessica:
Tired of the traditional wedding cake? Here are 12 nontraditional dessert ideas in order of my favorites!

Warning: Viewing photos of desserts may cause cravings! Please have chocolate on standby.

12. If you can't choose just one dessert, like me, go for a Venetian table and provide an array of yummy treats. Lay out a spread of cookies, cakes, pies and pastries for your guests to enjoy. Sky's the limit.

11. Be naughty and get NAKED! A naked cake is a fun twist on a traditional wedding cake. Adorn it with flowers or fresh fruit and sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar for a fresh and tasty look.

10. Upgrade your cupcake display by including your monogram! Stray from the cupcake tree by displaying on a custom-made board. Elegant, enough said.

9. Engage your guest with an interactive dessert like an ice cream station. Provide classic toppings such as hot fudge and whipped cream. Personalize it by tossing in a few of your favorites like Oreos and Reese's pieces. Yum!

8. Another interactive display, a popcorn station! Allow guests to fill up their kraft paper bags and top their corn with their favorite flavors. Go with classic butter or try something avante garde like parmesan truffle!

7. Use non-traditional elements to build your cake, oh no you didn't!. Invoke memories with a throw back to childhood favorites. Serve milk and shakes with your Oreo, rice crispy treat or brownie cake.

6. Pie lover? We have just the thing for you, miniature pies for your guests to enjoy. As a cost saver and to encourage family style eating place regular sized pies on each table, two flavors should do.

5. Similar to our number 7 pick but a grade above...the macaroon tree! Such a fun, dainty dessert! Get creative with colors and flavors. C'est Magnifique!

4. The next big catering fad....food trucks! A cheap trendy catering option for all events. For desserts have your pick of ice cream trucks, cookie trucks, and of course my favorite waffles and dinges!

3. Cake Pops! They are fun and virtually mess free. Perfect if you want to utilize multiple flavors. Also have them double as a favor, just provide personalized bags for your guests to pack up on their way out.

2. Boycott sweet desserts with a cheese-wheel wedding cake. Stacking different flavor wheels of cheese is a simple way to achieve this savory yet satisfying alternative. My favorite!

1. Trend Alert: The Cronut! An exceptional hybrid of a croissant and a donut is all the craze. Treat your guests to the coveted pastry enlightening them to a new and tasty dessert.

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