- Friday, October 25, 2013

Gina's Inspired: Purple

From intern Gina: 

If you are looking to get married in the fall or the winter, but don’t want to do the same color scheme that is typical for these seasons, such as the color oranges with leaves and a winter wonderland wedding, consider the color purple. A purple wedding is classy, elegant and inviting. Instead of choosing one shade of purple to execute your wedding, try multiple shades throughout your wedding to give a dynamic look. Wedding Omania shows this great centerpiece with different colors of purple roses and paired it with solid, deep purple linen for the tables. 

If you are a bride who wants to stay traditional with your wedding gown, mix it up and wear purple colored shoes, My Inspired Wedding gives great examples! Use different shades of purple in your food as well. Utah Loves Cupcakes created a gorgeous cupcake tower with a few different shades of purple in their design as well as the decoration on the cupcakes themselves. Roses are a beautiful but simple flower to work with; they look gorgeous in all shades of purple, look at a bridal bouquet like We Ideas has created to correspond with the different purples in your centerpieces.

If you really love the idea of a purple themed wedding, involve the color in your invites, but choose a shade of purple that shows sophistication and class, such as the ones shown above or from Wedding Omania. For your venue and entertainment, chose a location and company that is able to create up lighting for the space in different shades of purple throughout the night. As your wedding goes on this will keep the room beautiful and interesting!

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