- Monday, August 19, 2013

Notes from the Interns

From intern Kellianne:

The summer is almost coming to an end and school is almost starting again (ugh!). I can’t complain about not having an action packed summer. Although it is sad that I only have two weddings left, I am eager and excited for my senior year of college to start (scary). This week I really started to focus on a party that I am planning for the early spring months. The client wants to have the party at an NYC venue. I have learned that some venues in the city don’t particularly rent out the restaurant to you, but do a pre-paid type of thing for a large group. I am just getting into the beginning of planning this so there is still a lot to do. I contacted several venues in the city this week, but I am still waiting to hear from a few of them. Being able to email these venues has made it easier because I can organize my conversations and keep track of everything that is being said with each venue so I don’t get them confused. I am excited to work further on this project and start planning the fun stuff such as music, décor, food and invitations!

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