- Monday, August 12, 2013

Notes from the Interns: In the Home Stretch

From intern Nicole:

This last week I’ve made all my finishing touches to each of my projects. I did the last of my research for table planning software. I found some great options that even offer the table planning in 3d! It’s incredible to see how efficiently it maps out each detail of the room! I also created a whole project of a themed party. I put in every part from the decorations, to prices in budget, venue, and extra details for the feel of the theme. I also created an inspiration board to be able to visualize how pieces of the party would come together. This week Regina also had me create an inspiration board for card holders! I found some unique and beautiful ways to incorporate a card holder into a wedding!
With each of my projects, assignments, and events I have been able to learn so much from this internship. Although it is bittersweet as my term of this internship ends I’m excited to end it all off with an event in NYC! What excites me the most is that a few of my assignments have been for this event so I end up being able to see how it all comes out! With each event, it’s been wonderful to see the lasting picture and see everyone’s experience.  This has all been a wonderful experience where I’ve learned, grown, and appreciated every moment of it. 

From intern Kellianne: 

Another wedding under my belt! Yesterday I had a wedding at Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle. Glen Island had a wonderful staff to work with and they were very accommodating. This wedding had simple flower arrangements of baby breath, but they were beautiful. The day started out with meeting the bride, groom, bridal party and family at the hotel they were staying at. It’s kind of cool going back and forth between their rooms knowing that they are getting ready for their big day, yet they haven’t seen each other at all! This couple was having their first look at Glen Island Harbor Club. I definitely got more experience with coordinating with other vendors at an event as well. It was a long day, but the good thing about yesterday was that there was always something to do and we were running around constantly---no getting bored here! Another great vendor that we worked with was the photography company. The bride and groom had four photographers at their event, which meant there were a lot of pictures being taken, and a big crowd of people to get together to smile and look pretty. Photos are definitely a way to look back on your event and remember those times where it was hectic or something you might not remember. Overall, the wedding was wonderful and I wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness!

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