- Friday, August 16, 2013

Kellianne's Inspired: Country Chic

From intern Kellianne:

The amount of country music I listen to would make you think I was born and raised down south. I think that outside weddings with a country chic feel are so homey, unique and fun! Using pastel colors such as baby pink, yellow and green flowers in your flower arrangements would be a beautiful idea. The incorporation of baby's breath would really give you that country feel as well. Featuring a sweet table at your reception for dessert using large brown barrels would give a rustic touch. You can use customized bags for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth with filling them up with candy from large jars. 

Also at your country wedding could be centerpieces featuring colored mason jars filled with candles and then medium sized pastel flower arrangements as well. To give a real yee-ha feel add horseshoe to the centerpiece. An outdoor setting for this country chic wedding would look beautiful with string lights or lanterns if your party will be taking place when the sun goes down. As far as bridesmaids dresses you can really do whatever color you want to be the main focus. If it were I, I would also have them in cowgirl boots!

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