- Monday, July 1, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week Six

From intern Kellianne:
This week I had the opportunity to actually meet with one of our future brides! The invitations that I assembled last week with Carolina and Nicole were coming full circle. This week I met with Regina, the bride and Patryk at the studio to put the invitations together so the bride can send them out to her guests. I also confirmed with a bistro in Manhattan for a rehearsal dinner for our clients in July. It was nice to have this come to a conclusion and satisfy the client with an excellent choice of a restaurant with a lot to offer. 

From intern Nicole:
I made it through my second wedding and it was once again an amazing learning experience. I saw new things, new styles, and dealt with new situations. What gets me excited and nervous is that every wedding is different so there will always be new obstacles I need to face! But I think it went pretty smoothly besides a few things I definitely did not know. 
This wedding also gave me the opportunity to work with a larger guest list. It definitely differed from the my first wedding when it came down to gathering everyone for photos or just finding everyone in general! Considering the larger guest list I was also able to see Regina, Patryk, and Shekinah all work together for the same event. They have great communication between each other and really made things happen as a team. I noticed that there are moments where you need to work as a leader and then moments where you need to work as a team!
This week Kellianne and I also helped Carolina with some invitation assembly. It was nice to work with another intern. We both learned about invitations and different printing. I had no idea how some of the invitations were assembled and I was able to work hands on to learn how to do it! The combinations of different colors and papers creating a thick invitation come together really beautiful!

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