- Monday, July 22, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week 9

From intern Kellianne:

This week I had no wedding to attend so I can’t promise another blog post about a 300-person event I attended (unfortunately). This week I thought I would tell you guys my reaction to the internship thus far. I started at the end of May and it is now the beginning of July, so I have about 3 months left. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect coming into this. All I can tell you is that I knew it was going to be intense, engaging and a great learning experience. All three of those can be checked off! I have definitely been an active and engaging member of the Cloud Nove team. Regina has really let myself, as an intern, be very hands on – which I love. I hear about other people’s internship experiences that haven’t been that way. My philosophy is…it’s an internship, you are supposed to get the most out of it, learn a ton and find out if it’s something you could picture yourself doing down the road. So far I have made several inspiration boards (which I hope you guys enjoy). I am addicted to Pinterest, well when I have some time to pin lots of clothing that I most likely won’t buy, and dream house items that I definitely can’t afford, so I have saved my inspiration boards and uploaded them to Pinterest. Guess what? Close to 100 brides or people that are planning weddings have repined MY inspiration boards…how cool! I really have enjoyed this internship so far, and I can’t wait to share my next experiences with you =) Stay cool, it’s a hot one today!

From intern Nicole:
This week the items needed for our client’s hotel gift bags were confirmed. I’ve been looking up stores where I can find these items so I can then begin to put everything together! I think that the items chosen for these bags were great ideas. Each bag is filled with things that will truly be useful and make guests feel comfortable! I’m excited to gather everything to create the bags. Just like the invitation assembly, I enjoy artistic and creative projects.I have also received some information for my next wedding! At this point I will be trying to work my schedule to be as efficient as possible to get each project and assignment done on time and still study the timeline and details for the wedding! This next wedding will be my longest one so I am sure there is much to start studying!

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