- Monday, July 15, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week 8

From intern Kellianne: 
So I finally survived my second wedding! Boy, was it an experience…nothing like a hot summer day in a house with fifty people running around to get ready. When I first arrived I had the chance to talk one on one with Regina about not only the internship but about life and experiences. It’s hard to speak with Regina since most of the internship is virtual, so it was nice to have a little chat. One of the biggest responsibilities of day of coordinators is to stay on time, or as close to on time as the timeline provided to the bride and groom. This wedding was getting a little behind schedule because of the quantity of bridesmaids there were in the wedding. All of the bridesmaids, family and bride had to get makeup and hair done at the house. Even if things are running behind our job is to keep the bride calm and deal with how we can get back on schedule. Also, this bride and groom didn’t want the first look to be before the ceremony. So, we had to make sure the bride and groom did NOT see each other at the house…even though they were both at the same location for before the ceremony. After everyone got ready and some pictures were taken, it was time to head over to the church for the ceremony. After handing out some programs, we had time to discuss what was going to happen at the reception. My one and only job after the bridal party proceeded down the aisle was to hand out bubbles so they can go outside and take pictures of the bride and groom exiting the church. My ADD self got so distracted by what was going on that I literally didn’t hand out bubbles to the first of the bridal party! I don’t know what I was thinking considering it was probably the easiest job I could’ve been handed. After the church I followed Patryk to the Crescent Beach Club where the reception took place. This was a beautiful venue and although it was very humid and hot, it was a beautiful spot for a summer wedding and pictures to be taken. Shekinah and Patryk were great mentors for this reception. Patryk even took me upstairs and let me do the seating check of the reception room. The room looked BEAUTIFUL! I was so excited for the bride and groom because I knew they would love it. The room that looked so peaceful and quiet was soon to have 300 guests to dance and eat in! Overall, this experience was another great one and I definitely can’t wait until my next wedding.

From intern Nicole:
Over the past week I have been researching some new wedding color schemes for this summer. Although I have found some really beautiful colors, I have already made inspiration boards similar to them and need to branch out for new creative options for brides. I want to find colors that are unique but are still possibilities that people will truly take into consideration for their wedding.  I have also been looking up some extra favor options for some of our clients. The further I build my search I hope that I am getting closer to what our client wants. At the end of the day, I know we will make it happen. So for now I am just continuing to look and discover new options.  The deeper I look I realize I come across little treats I never even knew existed; or places that have such creative ideas that I would have never found if I didn’t really dig. It's research like this that can truly help create a wedding to be unique and one of a kind. There are so many different possibilities so why not start a new trend? I respect and admire those who want something new and creative. It’s exciting and motivates me to continue to search for what will make them happy. I can’t wait to see the end results all come together and notice the astonishment of guests who appreciate such a sweet favor.

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