- Monday, July 8, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week 7

From intern Nicole:

This week I have been working on my routine assignments and searching the web to see how to make them better. I’ve been finding great additions to themes and color schemes for summer. Its incredible to see how new applications that we have today can provide a limitless search on weddings! They are extremely helpful for all of those planning a wedding. I have also been updating our Pinterest for Cloud Nove Events! I’ve spend much time cleaning up, organizing, and rearranging our Pinterest boards so they are fully up-to date and efficient for viewers. Its definitely come a long way since I first started working on each board so its exciting to see how its coming together. Since they’re are so many items and possibilities, I have made it so that viewers can now narrow their search even more on our Pinterest by providing boards for each specific thing. There is still more work to do but I am hopeful that each of my projects are turning out and will turn out great!

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