- Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nicole's Inspired: Mint

From intern Nicole:

Mint has been a popular color this summer, especially in fashion. Mint green is a beautiful background or embellishment for weddings. This color works great for spring or summer weddings. It’s fun, unique, and signifies nature, growth and freshness. Mint green weddings give off a great vibe and a happy energy.

This color also goes well with other popular wedding colors. Add blushes, light pink, light purple, yellows and even some shades of blue! Throw is some shades of white around the room and in your flowers as well, it’s a great complimentary color to mint green. Create a combination of any of these colors in your bouquets or centerpieces. Throw the color in little places like the ribbon on your favors, seating cards or on your wedding cake. This gentle and sweet color has been a great new addition to wedding options!

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