- Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nicole's Inspired: Lavender

From intern Nicole: 
Lavender weddings are full of flowers that are elegant and timeless. Lavender is a traditional symbol of devotion, and will never be out of style. 

Of course, many guests love the scent lavender so don’t forget to bring the fragrance into your wedding! Order dried lavender buds that last years so you don’t have to depend on your flowers. Pop them into you bouquets or centerpieces and the luscious scent will be topped off. 
Incorporate beautiful white and ivory flowers into your bouquet and centerpieces. Touches of silver around the room always compliment lavender weddings. Wear a silver head piece or silver jewels on your wedding shoes. Place some silver jewels on each table and cake jewelry to make them sparkle too. 
Lavender weddings always bring great options for favors! Pick anywhere from lavender candles to little bags with lavender colored M&M’s. Take advantage of the lavender theme by using its lovely scent and beautiful color! This is a perfect theme that can be worked both in the ceremony and the reception!

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