- Friday, July 26, 2013

Nicole's Inspired: Fuschia

From intern Nicole:

Fuchsia Weddings signify a fun and romantic wedding all in one. While fuchsia comes from the feminine pink family it also has a brightness to it that’s eye catching and exciting. Fuchsia weddings can work for any season when choosing any from the wide variety of colors to work with! 

For fall or winter weddings, compliment the beautiful color with taupe or a warm chocolate brown. Or for spring and summer weddings incorporate shades of yellow and orange to add more seasonal flavor to your wedding.
Fill your bouquets with whites for some bright contrast or ivory for a more gentle contrast. Orchids, roses, tulips and so many other flowers look beautiful in fuchsia weddings. And don’t forget to add elegance to the room by using either gold or silver accessories.  Use gold rimmed champagne glasses or silver gems on the table. Both gold and silver work beautiful with fuchsia! 

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