- Monday, July 22, 2013

Kellianne's Inspired: Tiffany

From intern Kellianne:

How gorgeous would a wedding revolving around the color of the famous little jewelry box be around this time of year? The beautiful Tiffany blue flooding your wedding room would look fabulous. 

The bride can wear something Tiffany blue, and have embellishments saying “I do” on the bottom of the heels. Also, bridesmaids would be in the beautiful color of Tiffany Blue to add vibrancy to the room. I imagined all flowers to be white and cream to add class to the room. Why not give those special girls by your side their own personal tiffany box as a keepsake from your special day. The use of crystals and cream centerpieces will make the tiffany blue color pop as well. If you really want to use the Tiffany box, send your invitations in a replica box that a piece of Tiffany jewelry would come in! 

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