- Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kellianne's Inspired: In Love for Shore

From intern Kellianne:
What better way to kick off summer than to have a wedding on one of our beautiful beaches of Long Island?

The combination of aqua, teal, orange, tangerine and possibly bright pinks will be perfect for this beach chic wedding. To give your wedding a beachy feel, but not cheesy, use SOME shells and starfish but don’t overdo it. With these bright colors and choosing a venue on the water, you won’t need to incorporate sand with your centerpieces (but, if you’re really feely beachy by all means do so!) Bridesmaids would look beautiful in any tangerine or aqua tone; personally I love tangerine or orange dresses. You can also incorporate tans or cream colors to break up the brightness of the other colors!

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