- Friday, July 19, 2013

Kellianne's Inspired: Essiepecially Beautiful

From intern Kellianne:

Anyone that knows me well knows that I have over $200 worth of Essie nail polish. Although my obsession with nail polish makes one of my dressers look very colorful, I never get to wear them anymore because of Starbucks. So I was looking at my colors the other day and Haute as Hello and As Gold as it Gets were next to each other…such a beautiful combination. This combination of coral and gold would look beautiful for a late summer wedding. 

Use cream-colored roses and flowers with accents of coral to make the coral stand out. Also, have your bridesmaids in a beautiful coral dress with some gold accents. Maybe a half gold dress, or small gold chain accents as straps. The bride can wear heels that are gold and coral as well to accentuate the color theme even more. The traditional white cake with coral and gold accents will bring the room together as well. Maybe use the gold as ribbons on each layer with a coral and gold cake topper. For your venue, see if they have the option of using gold silverware instead of silver silverware. Of course, all the ladies can get that newly fresh mani and pedi with Essie colors of Haute as Hello and As Gold as it Gets!

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