- Monday, June 10, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week Three

From intern Kellianne:

I don’t know about you, but I think I had the best start to my week (bet you can’t top mine). Last Friday I attended the rehearsal for a wedding I attended on Saturday. I really didn’t know what to expect at a rehearsal, but we just did a walk through so we can get to know the venue. Then Saturday was the day a gorgeous bride would get in her beautiful wedding dress and walk down the aisle. When I told people I was going to a wedding on Saturday night, they were like, “Awesome! Exciting! I’m jealous! Etc.” But, um HELLO I was beyond nervous.

While arriving at the wedding I saw Shekinah running around in the reception area and I knew I was ready to be thrown into the fire. First, I put the programs on every seat and then when I was literally putting the last two on the seats, some guy came up to me and said, “Ma'am, I didn’t clean any of these seats yet.” Well…I didn’t have time to do it all over again so I just told him to lift them up, clean and then put them back. Of course I went back later and made sure that they were back in the right places. Then I had to help Shekinah put place cards on the tables, which sounds easy, but it was quite confusing. Overall, I think I can definitely picture myself enjoying this. Thanks to Regina and Shekinah, I survived, whew. 

From intern Nicole:

This week had a really exciting dynamic because we took on different projects. While I’ve still been working on my weekly assignments, Regina gave us a few different ones to work on that highlighted different skills. I was able to be resourceful for some assignments and creative for others. I love being able to work with different brain exercises! It shows me that this internship covers a variety of areas of the industry. I obviously want to learn the whole enchilada!
          For the larger project I’m already brainstorming ideas, planning details, and trying to think outside the box. Yet, these are only a few things that I can do with what I already know. What’s really interesting is how there’s going to be so many other things Ill be learning along the way from Regina to complete this project. Its exciting to see how you can use your own creativity to satisfy someone else’s taste - and that’s just one little part of creating an event! There are so many other details to puzzle together, probably some I didn’t even know existed! I guess all I can do for now is use what I have and continue to adjust it to all the knowledge I learn from Regina and the team. I hope each piece of this project comes together perfectly in the end!

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