- Monday, June 17, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week Four

From intern Nicole:

This weekend will be my first wedding! Im so excited to work hands on. Its also going to be amazing to see how every detail comes together and how every person works together. This internship does a great job in incorporating us to really take on responsibilities during the wedding. Therefore I’m obviously pretty nervous too! I hope I keep with confidence and that I’m actually a help to everyone!
I have also been putting together my long term project I was assigned. Its been a constant project on my mind and schedule; a lot of brainstorming. I’ve been researching, calling places, and trying to find what is best out there. Although I have found some faults in the programs I have gathered for my project I’m definitely getting closer to the good stuff. I hope it comes together within the next week to start using this project to our advantage!

From intern Kellianne:

This week was the first week in my life that I got a glimpse of life after college…I transferred Starbucks stores and they gave me 40 hours this week. I knew that I had to definitely manage my time between working there and also getting my stuff done for Regina. Yes, most of you might say, wow that’s difficult. But, really it wasn’t difficult or aggravating getting my work for CNE done because it’s what I love to do. I think I have finally found my niche and found what I would love to do for my career. Besides making an inspiration board, which I find very fun to do…I had to make a list of restaurants for our clients for an NYC wedding. Using the Internet has always been easy for me, but finding a list of restaurants within 5 blocks of our clients hotel could have been difficult. But, I actually used Open Table to find these restaurants and then visited their websites. The most rewarding thing I got this week was a compliment from Regina that made my week =) Although I kept busy this week, I can’t wait for another crazy wedding to help out with.

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