- Monday, June 24, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week Five

From intern Nicole: 

This past week was a great experience. I had my first wedding on Saturday at the Vanderbilt Museum! I had my ups and downs but all of it was an amazing learning experience. I loved being hands on and working on different things. I especially loved being close and personal with the client! It was amazing to see her during her special moments and being able to work with the team to help create a day she’ll remember forever. 

Regina taught me interesting insight along the way so I was able to learn and work in the same time. I also shadowed Patryk so I there was opportunity to learn from them both while they were working on different things. This wedding was a great first experience, everyone was really sweet and laid back.

Im going to have my second wedding this week too and I’m really excited and nervous in the same time! You learn from mistakes so I’m a little scared to see which mistakes that might be! But definitely excited to see what great experience I get with this wedding too!

From intern Kellianne:

I can’t believe it has been over a month since I started at Cloud Nove Events. It has been such an experience thus far even though I have only attended one wedding. My next wedding is next weekend and although I am nervous, I can’t wait to get hands on at another event. This week I had the pleasure of meeting with Carolina and Nicole to assemble invitations. I had a great time working with the two of them because I could get advice from Carolina and then converse with Nicole because we are in the same shoes as interns. 

I also learned that you could work on a contract for a client and think that it is all set in stone and then something can change at the last minute. But, this is the beauty of wedding planning, it’s not about you…everything is about your client and you want them to love everything about their beautiful wedding day. There are about three people I work with that have recently been engaged and they are in the process of planning their wedding..such an exciting time!

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