- Monday, June 3, 2013

Notes from the Interns: Week 2

From intern Nicole:

After week one I feel as if I am starting to get the hang of certain projects. There is still a lot to learn but seeing how I have already improved gets me excited and motivated. At first I was a bit confused and nervous but Regina was more than understanding that time and practice makes perfect. I spent my extra time over the week researching and looking up interesting wedding themes and information that may help me in the future. While this, I had discovered numerous unique color schemes and themes of 2013! It makes me curious of all the amazing possibilities for weddings. Its great to see how creativity has grown over time for these events. While I started my research for week 2, Regina gave us a few tasks to find certain services for weddings. Looking up different sources is definitely something I am used to. I enjoy finding ways to be resourceful so taking on the challenge felt like a great task for me. Although I had felt more comfortable doing something in my area I am excited for the upcoming projects to see how I learn and grow over time just like the first few projects I completed.

 From intern Kellianne: 
Even though it was only the second week, I felt like things really started to take off. I was responding to different assignments that Regina assigned throughout the week and really using my time wisely. Although I am working over 25 hours at the good ol’bux (Starbucks), I had to get these assignments done. It’s amazing how professional you can be on the phone with just using a notepad to take notes; I felt like I knew exactly what answers I had to receive and what questions I had to ask of the vendors.

Tonight I will be attending a rehearsal for the wedding I am going to tomorrow. Although I am very nervous for what tomorrow might bring, since it is my first wedding, I am beyond excited and even more excited to share my experience afterward. Wish me luck!

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