- Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nicole's Inspired: White and Silver

From intern Nicole:

White and Silver can work all different ways to reflect your style and personality. Anywhere from your chairs, to favors, to flowers and even head piece you can incorporate your white and silver theme. This theme is full of elegance, class, and eye catching beauty. The silver will shine your wedding to stand out and look romantically stunning.

Use silver candelabras with white flowers in different textures and sizes for an elegant and sophisticated ceremony and reception. Add in silver touches to your wedding outfit using silver pins, necklaces or even a silver belt on your dress. Flash up the room with studs and sparkles on decorations, seating cards, and on white table cloths. The wedding cake can be dressed up with touches of silver using cake jewelry and beautiful ribbons.

White and Silver match with all other colors too! Create a spring or summer feel by adding a bright color in your flower arrangements and small d├ęcor around the room. All together, white and silver is a theme that’ll make your wedding shine!

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