- Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nicole's Inspired: Blush

From intern Nicole:

           Blush Pink Weddings are showers of light pink all around the room. This beautiful, romantic, and elegant color are accented with silver or gold to let the colors shine. Bouquets with shades of darker pink, nude, light orange, and off white work perfect to add some extra color to the room. Pink already being soft and romantic, you can choose whichever color contrast and your wedding will still look elegant.

          Add pearls to centerpieces, lace around decorations, some chandeliers around the room and studs anywhere. Some or all of these additions will make your wedding pop in the most delicate yet eye catching way. Bow accents will look great and are an easy theme to carry through the room - your dress details, favors, napkins, and your cake. Candles are a great way to add to the romance and match perfectly to the warm colors set around the room. They look beautiful mixed in with some floral arrangements! Blush Pink Wedding make everyone look pretty in pink and work for any season. Choose a venue with light walls to let the pink steal the room!

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